About Chuck Beckley Photography

During my teenage years in S.E. Ohio, I was fortunate enough to have been mentored by three very good photographers, Jon Webb, Bob Rogers and Ken Steinhoff. They not only taught me a craft, but gave me a living. Now 68 and retired, I have been a photojournalist for 50 years, spanning a career that has been published in major newspapers around the world and a magazines including Time, Newsweek, Stern, Der Spiegel, Marine Times, Delaware Today and Our State magazine among others. I have covered a variety of assignments over the years which have included hurricanes Katrina, Irene and Florence. The 1970 plane crash of Marshal football team, Mexico City earthquake, Chihuahua Mexico mine cave-in, Border Patrol along Texas border, 10-days freelance in Taipei, Taiwan. Have covered the ABA, NBA, NFL, San Antonio Grand Prix and Pope John Paul visit. Awarded numerous photojournalism awards during my career, two consecutive years chosen as North Carolina Photographer of the Year, including being nominated by the Winston Salem Journal newspaper a Pulitzer Prize. Throughout my years as a shooter, I was more or less a newspaper gypsy. After three to four years in the beginning I would move on to a different newspaper and landscape. I eventually settled down on the East Coast of North Carolina and raised my son. I am content and still enjoy taking photos. I'm currently residing in New Bern, NC.